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The novel implies that Earth experienced knowledgeable a nuclear entire world war (the "Wet Firecracker War") previously century, Though no sizeable traces of devastation are clear at time in the novel's location.

Andrew Kaufman praised it, saying that it had been Heinlein's crowning achievement. He describes it as "Thoroughly plotted, stylistically one of a kind, politically advanced and thrilling from web page just one." He goes on to mention that "it’s hard to imagine any person else crafting a novel that packs lots of Thoughts (each large and little) into this kind of a wonderfully contained narrative.

After there was a man who held a political make-get the job done occupation like a great number of right here...shining brass cannon all over a courthouse.

Luna's industries use both equally solar power and hydrogen fusion. Heinlein accurately estimates the utmost generate of solar cells at about one kilowatt for every sq. meter, but is above-optimistic with regards to fusion, describing it as taking place in modest magnetic pinch bottles.

Continuing Heinlein's speculation about unorthodox social and family buildings, The Moon Can be a Severe Mistress introduces the concept of a "line marriage". Mannie is part of the century-outdated line relationship, wherein new spouses are launched by mutual consent at regular intervals to make sure that the wedding hardly ever concerns an stop. Divorce is rare, because divorcing a partner demands a unanimous determination around the A part of all of his wives.

Professor Bernardo de La Paz describes himself here being a "Rational Anarchist", a name probably invented while in the textual content alone. "Rational Anarchists" feel that the ideas of Point out, Culture and Authorities have no existence but to the "functions of self-dependable people", but concede that it's not a universal perception. The desire for anarchy is well balanced by the logic that some variety of government is necessary, In spite of its flaws.

The specific situation depicted in the next and 3rd Section of the novel resembles the rebellion on the Lunar colony explained in One more science-fiction novel posted in 1959, Day trip of Joint, by Philip K. Dick. While the opposition concerning Earth and Moon echoes the historical conflict concerning America and the British Empire, just how the Lunar rebels drive Earth to admit their independence is analogous to your just one they undertake in Dick's novel (launching missiles, some with nuclear warheads, within an unpredictable vogue).

A sixteen-calendar year-aged boy discovers his father's suicide. Distraught, he goes seeking strategies to numb the discomfort. He then satisfies a mysterious girl who turns out to be a dominatrix and finds solace in her arms.

When Mike launches rocks at sparsely populated spots on Earth, warnings are released for the press detailing the periods and destinations of your bombings—but disbelieving people today, in addition to folks on spiritual pilgrimages, journey on the web pages and die. Subsequently, public viewpoint turns in opposition to the fledgling country.

Other than where by Trade involves the Authority, there is a typically unregulated totally free marketplace. The preferred currency will be the dollar from the Bank of Hong Kong Luna, 1 hundred of that happen to be exchangeable to get a troy ounce of gold, a source of which was transported to Luna for this reason, or even more usefully for potable h2o or other commodities in revealed quantities.

Heinlein himself owned a small brass cannon, which he obtained just before the 1960s. For approximately 30 decades, the firing in the brass cannon, or "sign gun", was a 4th of July custom at the Heinlein home. It's thought that this cannon was the inspiration for Heinlein's first title for the operate which at some point turned The Moon Is really a Severe Mistress.

Professor de la Paz asks Mannie to assure that Luna adopts a flag consisting of a brass cannon more than a crimson bar over a black history with stars, "a image for all fools who are so impractical as to Consider they could combat Metropolis Corridor". Right before leaving politics, Mannie and Wyoh carry out his wish.

He did this For many years...but he wasn't having forward on this planet. So at some point he Give up his position, drew out his discounts, purchased a brass cannon – and went into enterprise for himself.[9]

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